Finding a Connection

Cemeteries and graveyards are often places said to be haunted by ghosts, yet there are skeptics. The modern world may be a haunted place for some. Taking out a few minutes a week to visit a local resting place for departed souls could be a good way of finding a connection in a world where electronics often separate a person from others. Going during the daylight hours can be a good way to avoid the ghosts, and it may be a way to increase mental fitness without the need to attend church.

Many resting places for the departed are older tracts of land, and they tend to be planted with trees and bushes to keep the outside world away. This gives them an atmosphere of peacefulness. It can be enjoyed for its own sake, and it can be useful when modern problems and dilemmas require a solution. Walking through a graveyard without the noise and distraction of modern life can help a person find their own internal voice. This can be a good way to let the mind work on solving modern issues without focusing on them exclusively. When the answer arrives, it should be a welcome relief.

Connecting to others may be easier with electronics, but there are some people with feelings of isolation. The world may be passing too fast, or they could find connecting electronically does not feel right to them. Taking a walk and looking at headstones can help alleviate that feeling. Reading the carvings can help conjure images of people loved and lost, and it can provide a sense of connection and continuity to those feeling alone. Realizing that even departed souls had a firm connection in the world may make it easier to reconnect with the living.